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You expect a new truck to help you with off-road adventures and towing trailers, but today's trucks can do much more than your dirty work. The new Ram 1500 is a terrific example of all that modern trucks have to offer. Our new Ram 1500 offers near Chester, CA include a variety of cab sizes and different capabilities, but each has tech highlighting just how smart these new trucks for sale are. Read below about all that the Ram 1500 has to take hassles out of your workday or adventures!

How Will the New Ram 1500 Make Your Work Easier?

The smarts of the new Ram 1500 start with its engines. It offers two gas engines with the eTorque mild-hybrid system, which replaces the alternator with an electric motor. This motor provides torque as soon as you hit the gas, which helps when towing, while also making it a more efficient truck. Another engineering marvel of the new Ram 1500 is the air suspension, which again makes towing heavy loads more comfortable for all!

Additionally, the Ram 1500 has driver-assist technologies, from blind-spot monitoring with trailer detection to adaptive cruise control, that will make drivers feel more at ease. There's also a large touchscreen, up to 12 inches, sitting in the center of the dashboard, which is where you can control the radio and smart device apps as well as see the camera displays when backing up to a trailer or into a parking spot!

Learn More About This New Truck for Sale Near Janesville, CA!

So, the new Ram 1500 has the power to help with your jobs and the tech to make it a breeze. Have more questions about the new Ram 1500? We have a wide selection of new Ram 1500 trucks for sale near Westwood, CA! When you visit, our team can show you around these offers and tell you more about all the ways it can help you!

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